Tester mobile

Tester mobile 1.5.0

Test the fitness of your handheld device


  • Tests the mechanical parts of your device
  • Provides information about your Pocket PC in a clear way


  • Examinations may not be thorough enough for some

Not bad

Just like a human being, it's a good idea for a handheld device to get a fitness check-up once in a while. Of course, a Pocket PC can't go to a doctor, so it's up to you to give it the once over yourself.

Tester mobile makes this job very easy, analysing your device, checking for operating system errors and supplying you with lots of information about your handheld.

For instance, the software examines your device with small interactive tests on the mechanical parts of your mobile device, including the keyboard, screen, loudspeaker and vibration alarm.

Tester mobile runs very quickly and is great for picking up general problems with your operating system. However, technology freaks might feel that the tests aren't rigourous enough.

Tester Mobile is a system tool for testing vibration, display, keypad, etc. of your Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC and Smartphone. It allows you to display device-specific information.

Tester mobile


Tester mobile 1.5.0

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